Municipal Band of Charlottesville

Learn about the non-profit dedicated to provide musical pleasure and education to the people of Charlottesville, Virginia and the surrounding area.



The Municipal Band of Charlottesville, now simplified to Charlottesville Band, was established in 1922 and has been performing continuously since then. The Band is a voluntary organization with over 90 musicians that enjoy expressing the global language of music, the joy of friendship, and the contribution they provide to their community.


Since 1922, Charlottesville has evolved dramatically. To keep up with changes, members come from a wide range of areas, ages, occupations, and backgrounds.

Their musicians may play in smaller groups and experiment with their own sounds thanks to seven distinct groupings. Dixieland, Celtic folk songs, waltzes, marches, and more are among the styles performed by these diverse groups. The groups are designed to bring Cville Band's huge sound to smaller settings, such as outdoor stages at wineries.

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